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Home Daycare Recordkeeping: Your Financial Guide to Success

Brigitte A. Thompson. Home Daycare Recordkeeping: Your Financial Guide to Success Authors:Brigitte A. Thompson.
Price:2528 rub.

Book Summary:
Book DescriptionThis 98 page book is based on our best selling title, The Home Daycare Complete Recordkeeping System. This new book offers a lighter look into the recordkeeping required to operate this unique home business and is available in English andSpanish. All the important topics are covered and insightful recordkeeping tips are shared. Learn how to calculate the Space/Time Percentage, how to track direct and indirect expenses, how to deduct use of your family computer and television, what methods can be used to record the mileage deduction, and so much more! Examples are provided to guide you through the recordkeeping process and 24 forms are included for your use. The original book goes into the sometimes challenging world of federal income tax preparation and the process of completing payroll for employees. This book does not delve into these topics. This book is offered as an option for people who want to learn all they can about the recordkeeping...

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