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House Plus: Imaginative Ideas for Extending Your Home

Phyllis Richardson. House Plus: Imaginative Ideas for Extending Your Home Authors:Phyllis Richardson.
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Book Summary:
Book Description The first major publication to look at the array of contemporary architectural, interior, and lifestyle possibilities available to homeowners looking to add space to their dwellings. An essential resource for anyone ? who has outgrown their house ? who doesn't want to move ? who is looking for inspiration Victorian row houses, 1950s modernist boxes, aging farmhouses?all old buildings eventually need updating and expanding if they areto function in the modern world and accommodate contemporary lifestyles. With housing becoming one of the safest forms of long-term investment, more and more people are choosing to augment their current house rather than move. Drawn from a variety of examples from around the world that reflect a wide spectrum of materials, styles, contexts, and influences, some sixty projects in House Plus provide a rich source of ideas and inspiration. The book is organized into four...

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