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Unique Homes: Personalize Your Home Through Good Design

Carol Soucek King. Unique Homes: Personalize Your Home Through Good Design Authors:Carol Soucek King.
Publisher:Collins Design
Price:1320.9 rub.

Book Summary:
Do our surroundings really make a difference in how we feel? In the harmony with which we conduct our daily lives? In our exploration of our personal, professional and spiritual paths? The answer, as shown in The Art of Dramatic Living: Personalizing the Home through Good Design, is a resounding "Yes!" Form, color, texture, light, proportion and material - as well as cleanliness and order - are powerful tools for expressing who we really are. In these pages, Dr. Carol Soucek King visits more than thirty residences around the world in which good design echoes the identity of those who live there. A house in Israel connects an active family with their cherished land and the sea beyond. A rustic lodge/camp dwelling in Texas celebrates its owners' retreat from urban life to a setting amid oak trees, creeks and hills. In Italy, a bachelor pares down the size of his living space and number of possessions but not his full expression of his devotion to music, lyrical spaces and elegant...

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