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Do Your Own Home Staging

Tina Parker. Do Your Own Home Staging Authors:Tina Parker.
Price:2935 rub.

Book Summary:
This book demonstrates step-by-step what you can do to sell your home faster and for a better price. Just as you would get dressed up for a job interview, your home needs to be presented in the best possible way to make the sale and get a great price. Do Your Own Home Staging shows you how, using tested and often inexpensive techniques to make any home more appealing to buyers. With the housing markets in the US and in parts of Canada slowing down, homeowners are looking for ways to improve their chances of making the sale. This book will be helpful for those who want to sell their own homes and for people working with a real estate agent. The book takes you step-by-step through everything that needs to be done prior to putting your home on the market. Covering every room in your house, there are checklists of things to do, and budget guidelines. This is not a book about renovating your home before selling it. It's about the simple things that you can do to improve its sale...

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